yahoo sucks, they require your mobile phone with SMS verification to make a March Madness bracket. Doing this also means you automatically opt-in to receiving all their marketing SMS messages.

From their KB (https://help.yahoo.com/kb/tourney-pickem/sln22954.html)

  • Your consent to receive up to 2 automated marketing text messages per week from Yahoo.
  • Your agreement to use electronic records to document your consent to receive text messages.

To opt-out you can reply STOP at any time or manually fill out a form. Yes, you can manually type out you want. Here’s their own instructions again from their KB (https://help.yahoo.com/kb/tourney-pickem/sln22954.html)

In the Detailed Description field:
Mention the particular product (Tourney Pick’em, Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge).
Say you want to stop receiving SMS/text messages and notifications.
Include the phone number that messages should stop going to.

The form also asks for your birth date, your secret question and answer — all as required fields. No fear though, hidden in their help, it’s perfectly acceptable to just enter ‘unknown.’

no thanks, yahoo sucks


Okay, I’ve done my World Cup research and I’ve been able to discevor a few things about the rosters that have been submitted by each country. First of all, without even opening my statistic sheets or my preview ledgers, it smacked me right in my crooked nose that all of the other countries are up-to-their-butts in foreigners! Secondly, there are only two players on the Greek roster who do not have first and last names that end in the letter s. They would be Avraam Papadopoulis, and Loukas Vintra. No wonder the economy of Greece is in such bad shape; they don’t have any letters like S left to run the lines through and make the dollar signs! Lastly, and please don’t tell people where you got this: every player on the South Korean and North Korean teams have a hyphen in their names. Both countries! Now I know you’re going to be interested in paying me for this valuable information while you’re choosing your teams in the World Cup pools, but hey, forget about it! Just call me in four years, when you need some more inside info. -Otis

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