Mim says

Mim was looking at signing up for classes online. She went to go register for a couse, but then the system said it was only available from 7am to 11pm M-F and 7am-7pm S-S. Most people would discover this and say “dammit,” but Mim says “whaaaaaat? troglodytes!”


Hold that thought… let me go get my dictionary.

Posted by ct on 7 August 2006 @ 10am

happy happy happy birthday!!!even toughh i turned 24 in april it just hit me last week! i actually freaked out and didnt believe i was really 24. i even used my phone to calculate that i was actually 24 and not 23. 24 sounds like we need to have our life together and mature and old. but happy happy birthday! i know it will be a wonderful year for you!

Posted by Rawan on 16 December 2015 @ 12pm

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